C Simultaneous Interpreting


This is the interpreting mode that’s most frequently called for nowadays: the interpreter sits in an interpreting booth, hears what the speaker is saying via headphones, and interprets this simultaneously into a microphone. The advantages of simultaneous interpreting are evident: no time is lost as the original speech and the interpreting are to be heard practically at the same time. Depending on the duration of the conference, an interpreter team consists of 2 to 3 interpreters.

Simultaneous interpreting in simple words (in German)

What does an interpreting booth look like?

Why do you need a team of two?

Why is the view of the speaker so important?

What do interpreters take into their booths?


  • The most effective mode of communication at multilingual meetings
  • No time is lost due to interpreting
  • Virtually no restriction on the numbers of listeners
  • Allows interpreting into and from several languages
  • No constraints, neither for the listeners nor the speakers


  • Communication only via headphones

Fields of use

  • Conferences
  • Symposia
  • Seminars
  • Congresses with an international audience
  • TV interviews

C Chuchotage or Whispered Interpreting


Chuchotage or whispered interpreting is a form of whispered simultaneous interpreting for which no interpreting equipment is required as the interpreter, who is positioned right next to the listener, simply whispers to the listener precisely what the speaker is saying. Chuchotage is used when, on account of there being only one or two users of a specific language involved at an event, this renders consecutive interpreting impractical and the use of simultaneous interpreting equipment uneconomical.
Chuchotage, however, may well involve portable interpreting equipment, with its use being ever more on the increase. Such interpreting can be viewed as a sub-variant of whispered interpreting. It offers significant flexibility since no interpreting booth is required. It is for instance ideal for training courses, negotiations, meetings with a small number of participants (max. 25 persons), and guided plant tours. The interpreter stays close to the speaker and in a low voice interprets what is being said into a wireless microphone. Listeners in the vicinity hear what is being interpreted via headsets. Moreover, if the speaker talks into a microphone and the interpreter is equipped with a receiver/headset, everyone is free to walk around.


  • No simultaneous interpreting booth is required
  • Flexible and dynamic


  • The whispered interpreting may distract speakers and other participants (the interpreter is not housed in a sound-proof booth, as would normally be the case).
  • The interpreter may similarly be somewhat distracted, being exposed to a great variety of noises (and the original is not transmitted via a microphone to the interpreter’s headset as would be the case in an interpreting booth).
  • Consequently, the interpreter almost always needs to be positioned close to the speaker, and all participants need to exercise a significant degree of discipline.
  • Interpreting can only be into one language.

Fields of use

  • Seminars/conferences/events with a very small number of participants who are in need of language assistance
  • Guided plant tours

C Consecutive Interpreting


Consecutive interpreting can be viewed as the classic form of interpreting, with the speech being interpreted into the desired language as soon as the speaker has concluded, or at the end of passages within the speech, i.e. consecutively. For this purpose, the interpreter takes detailed notes during the speech, using a system of abbreviations and symbols that each interpreter has acquired during training and further developed in the light of experience. The interpreting thus lasts as long as the original speech, effectively doubling the length of the proceedings. This being so, consecutive interpreting has in the course of time gradually given way to simultaneous interpreting. Nowadays, consecutive interpreting is largely restricted to events of political significance, for instance during state visits, for after-dinner speeches, etc.

Example of interpreter's notes

Ladies and gentlemen, we are very pleased to welcome you as our new customers. We hope we will be able to fulfil all your requests and are looking forward to cooperating with you!


  • No interpreting equipment required
  • As a rule just one interpreter suffices


  • Such interpreting in effect doubles the time required, and the scheduled programme needs to take this into account
  • Undynamic

Fields of use

  • After-dinner speeches
  • Interviews
  • Addresses on festive occasions
  • Working sessions in small groups

C Liaison Interpreting


Liaison Interpreting implies short passages interpreted one after another during round-table negotiations, with neither an interpreting booth nor portable interpreting equipment being used.


  • No need for a simultaneous interpreting booth
  • As a rule, just one interpreter suffices


  • Such interpreting in effect doubles the time required, and the scheduled programme needs to take this into account.
  • Undynamic

Fields of use

  • Negotiations and talks held on a small scale within a corporate environment
  • Appointments with authorities and at court hearings

Interpreter consultancy services for conference organization plus team organization

When you set about organizing your conference, we'll be most pleased to support you as your consultant interpreter.
When preparing for a multilingual event, you'd be well advised early on to have a consultant interpreter assisting you with your planning. We will recruit the ideal interpreter team by taking into account venue, specialist knowledge, type of interpreting (consecutive or simultaneous), number of colleagues required per language or interpreting booth, etc. As the conference organizer, you'll be provided with the specialist help and insight needed to ensure that at your conference successful communication is guaranteed. Before and during the conference, we will act as the contact and link between you in your role as the conference organizer and the freelance interpreter team involved.

Technical equipment

As required, we’ll be pleased to recommend reliable companies that provide the technical interpreting equipment best suited to your conference; alternatively we’ll take over these for you.

Simultaneous interpreting booth

There are both fixed and mobile booths. International organizations will usually have fixed systems, as are used at the European Patent Office in Munich, for example. Mobile booths are rented out for a fee by A/V companies or agencies, and set up and dismantled at the conference venue.
State-of-the-art equipment for a mobile booth uses infrared light for transmitting the language and control signals. The interpreting system consists of a central console and the equipment for the interpreting booth itself (soundproof booth, interpreting console, headset, lighting, etc.). The interpreting booth is required to comply with specific standards (ISO 4043 and DIN 56924).

Portable simultaneous interpreting equipment

Portable simultaneous interpreting equipment is for instance used for training courses, guided plant tours, and meetings with a small number of participants (max. 25 persons). The interpreter stays in the vicinity of the speaker and whispers the interpreted version into a wireless microphone. The listeners are equipped with headset receivers and are thus able to follow the interpretation.
Whilst such portable simultaneous interpreting equipment is much less costly than a simultaneous interpreting booth, please bear in mind that it does have its downside. Remember that what is being said can be interpreted into only one language, and the interpreter’s whispering may sometimes prove something of an irritation to both speakers and other participants.

Additional services

Do you also need a translation of your conference documentation (programme, papers, etc.)? No problem! As each and every one of us is also a certified translator, we'll be delighted to take care of your written translation requirements as well, and at your request we'll submit an all-inclusive flat rate quotation.