Our services as a consultant interpreter

Interpreter consultancy services for conference organization plus team organization

When you set about organizing your conference, we'll be most pleased to advise you and to act as your consultant interpreter. May we explain how this works: When preparing for a multilingual event, you'd be well advised early on to have a consultant interpreter assisting you with your planning. This specialist will assemble the ideal interpreter team by taking into account venue, specialist knowledge, type of interpreting (consecutive or simultaneous), number of colleagues required per language or interpreting booth, etc. As the conference organizer, you'll be provided with the specialist help and insight needed to ensure that at your conference successful communication is guaranteed. Before and during the conference, the consultant interpreter acts as the contact and link between those organizing the event and the freelance interpreter team involved.


Technical equipment

As required, we’ll be pleased to recommend reliable companies that provide the technical interpreting equipment best suited to your conference; alternatively we’ll take over these arrangements for you.

Additional services

Do you also need a translation of your conference documentation (programme, papers, etc.)? No problem! As each and every one of us is also a certified translator, we'll be delighted to do this as well, and at your request we'll submit an all-inclusive flat rate quotation.